...Utilizing a 5 Watt Solar Panel & a 12Volt 7AH Battery- Now works 24 hrs./day Come Rain or Shine.

Aquamedia Group is dedicated to manufacturing and producing the highest quality products for the price, that enrich people's lives or that help in times of emergency and natural or man-made disasters.


Now Produces 18 Gallons of pure drinking water daily!

The SurvivorStill and all component parts come in a heavy duty 7-gallon FDA approved Bucket with an airtight, watertight Gamma Lid.  It includes a personalized name tag for the owner's name and address information.

The SurvivorStill is just such a product...

SurvivorStill Model SS-6

1291 Pacific Oaks Place  Escondido CA 92029

​ SurvivorStill Model SS-6 Ultimate​ 

  • 304 Stainless Steel 1.5mm construction
  • Totally automatic- needs no attending
  • no need to add water to the boiling tank
  • no need to change-out water in the condenser
  • Distilled H20 created in completely closed system
  • Powered by 5 watt 12vdc industrial solar panel and/or a 12v battery/ combination
  • Purifies ocean water at 35,000 ppm to less than  7 ppm (parts per million)
  • Purifies any polluted water source including straight from the ocean or sewer!
  • Kills viruses, cysts​, all bacteria, parasites and will remove all toxins and most all chemicals, including radioactive
  • Operates on any heat source: gas, electric, propane, barbeque, campfire.
  • Produces 18 gal/ day (day or night)

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