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rockwool cubes





Silicone II White Caulking


3" Growing pots

Bucket (blk) w/ lid

        pH Up & Down Kit



Concentrate- Makes 15 gal







Clay Pebbles

Germination Station w/ Heat Mat

12vdc 7.5 AH (AGM) Battery


TDS/EC Meter & pH Meter

Solar Panel w/ Solar Pump         w/ 5' foot 1/2" tubing

Superior Hydroponic Nutrients

​​Aquamedia’s Germination StationTM 

Consisting of a 12-compartment seed tray, a nutrient solution tray, clear cover to hold in moisture and heat, a 5-watt solar heating pad which is powered by the included 5-watt 11-vdc solar panel ($45 retail value). Twelve Rockwool cubes and nutrient solution complete the items necessary to germinate seeds.

Nine 3-inch plant basket & clay pellets

The newly germinated seed plants are transferred to these specially designed plant baskets and held in place by the included clay pellets which also provide support for the plant’s root system. These 3-inch pots are then placed in the nine cavities located in the three horizontal flow chambers.

Aquamedia’s Superior Nutrient FormulaTM

The system includes Superior Nutrient Formula
TM in a concentrated form which equates to a total of 15 gallons of solution ($300-$400 retail value).

Superior Nutrient Formula
TM delivers all the 14 essential elements your plants require PLUS a proprietary blend of EPA approved ascorbic acid, B vitamin complex, (biotin, pyridoxine, HCL, thiamine hydrochloride, thiamine) IBA, NAA, and antioxidants. Vitamins are necessary co-enzymes used by plants for growth and development. Vitamins are responsible for activating non-active proteins (apoenzyme) involved in the biochemical production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The production of ATP is necessary as the basic energy plants require for thriving growth.

The Grow Tower’s Circulatory System

A black 5 gallon bucket w/lid provides the storage and collection chamber for the system. It is imperative that all sunlight is restricted from the enclosed nutrient solution to prevent algae growth. Algae growth can foul the system and contribute to oxygen depletion. Since oxygen or aeration is crucial for healthy plant growth, an air pump and air stone is included to add air to the nutrient solution in the storage bucket. The circulation solar pump ($39 retail value) has the ability to pump solution to 49 inches (1.3 meters) at 60 gallons (227 liters) per hour.

Until the system’s pH, and tds (total dissolved solids) has stabilized, it is necessary to test the pH levels on a daily basis to prevent the water chemistry from becoming too acidic or alkaline. For this reason we have included an EC/TDS meter HM Digital Com-80 ($39 retail value) and a pH meter ($129 retail value). In addition, the control and adjustment solutions “pH up” and “pH down” are also included.

The Superior Grow Tower is designed for maximum efficiency with regard to plant chamber spacing, height between horizontal flow chambers and overall height of tower. Allowances were made in the design to add or implement various plant support techniques from mesh, string and platform netting.

The 60 gal/hr. solar pump supplies continuous nutrients to the plant roots 24 hr./day  by using the 5-watt 12-vdc solar panel during the day and the 12v 7.5AH (AGM) battery ($55 retail value) at night. The solar panel keeps the battery topped off during the day.

Plastic ½-inch clear tubing supplies nutrient water to the top horizontal flow chamber, so at a glance you can observe the water flow. The water then flows by gravity to the lower levels through ¾-inch clear tubing back to the storage chamber.

The flow chamber end caps are sealed with clear Silicone II so it is relatively easy to twist off the caps in the event you need to clear out or thin roots. A tube of Silicone II is provided for resealing any cap that is removed. All the clear tubing is installed by slipping on to barbed tubing fitting for easy removal for unclogging or cleaning.

Last but not least, the tower is complete with casters to provide effortless mobility when moving inside from outdoors during inclement weather.